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I can call Chuck or Dave anytime; they are always there to help me solve my computer problems. Chuck has come out many times to our office to connect components, solve networking problems. He just makes our computers work! We trust him with all our computer needs. Chuck understands how our computer system works and individually helps out each employee with their needs. Chuck is a personable guy; he gets along great with all of our employees. We feel very fortunate to have found Chuck.

Sandau Construction Co. Inc.

I am a regular home user whose computer had been infected by adware and spyware that several programs and hours of research couldn't even get rid of. Thanks to the diligence of a Dave at IT Igniters my computer is now running more efficiently than ever. Thanks again.

Shakopee MN

We have had two of our offices completely networked by IT Igniters. We never have to wait more than a few hours at most to have a technician help us resolve a problem. This being much more cost effective than having an in-house technician, we will continue to use IT Igniters for years to come.

Face to Face

Your technician, John, represents your company very, make that VERY well!! He addressed my concerns and, when I still had a problem, unrelated to the original issue, he came to my house, at NO CHARGE and resolved my problem. I am happy to report that all of the issues with my computer have been resolved. THANKS to your fine company and your service technician John. I was also impressed that the following day, I received a call to ensure that everything was working perfectly. I’m certain that no other company would have taken that “extra step.” Quite simply put; there are very few companies that offer individualized service like IT Igniters.

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Purchasing hardware, installing and moving systems, and computer maintenance. And , most important, emergency help. IT Igniters has always provided me with products and services for a reasonable price. Using a local company is a great convenience for me and I also like supporting a hometown business.

Tax Planning and Preparation President
McDonald Tax Service, Inc.

I buy all my computers and equipment from him. He then services all my computers, whenever I have any kind of problem. Chuck and the entire staff at IT Igniters are extremely helpful, eager to get my problem solved immediately, very knowledgeable when it comes to fixing viruses or other unknown problems, and always very quick with their response to my problems. They understand that when my computer is down, my business is down, and it is crucial to get my computers running as soon as possible.

I work with Chuck because he is trustworthy with all the confidential data on my computers, he responds to my needs very quickly, his pricing is extremely fair, and I like to support him as a fellow Shakopee business owner.

Edward Jones Investments

I had a very complex problem involving a program and I was remotely helped over a 2-day period by a very confident, positive, upbeat technician named Chuck who persevered until my problem was solved. I am in awe of the tech that helped me, and I'm very thankful I found IT Igniters. I am sure I will continue to seek their help in the future.

N. Minneapolis MN